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Google My Business Optimization is Google’s way of helping businesses get more customers.

Google My Business helps to increase conversion rates by giving potential customers the ability to find your business on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+.

By optimizing Google My Business you will be able to reach a wider audience that might not have found your business otherwise.

In this article, we will go over how you can optimize Google My Business so that you can generate more conversions for your microsite.

What is Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business Optimization is a service that helps businesses grow by showing up higher in search results for their own name. It’s easy to get started – just log into your Google account and create an GMB profile.

Google My Business (GMB) optimization allows small business owners the opportunity to reach thousands of potential clients, without spending any money on advertising or marketing campaigns.

This free tool offers many benefits: 

  • it notifies users when new reviews are posted; 
  • enables customers to communicate with them via chat messaging services; 
  • improves customer response time through faster responses from company representatives using live chat features available on some social media sites like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn as well as Gmail mobile apps, SMS Texting tools such as WhatsApp and Signal; 
  • monitors which posts are most popular and what time they are shared to see if adjustments need to be made; 
  • Google Maps integration that allows customers, visitors or potential clients the ability to find directions via Google maps.

Google My Business Optimization is a way for businesses to get their name out there and make it more visible on the internet.

Keyword research and how to use them in your GMB listing

Google My Business has recently been updated to include a new keyword section. This means that now you can better optimize your GMB listing and really get the most out of it!

When setting up keywords for Google my business, focus on what people are actually searching for when they want information about your company or product/service – not just phrases with words in them like “business” or “products”.

You will need to use at least three different variations of each word before adding any synonyms (e.g., ‘electrician’ OR ‘electrical contractor’).

The more specific you make this list by providing multiple options per phrase, the higher ranking these terms have the potential to be within search engine optimization results pages because there is less competition among other Google my business listings.

When optimizing for search engines via online advertising channels like GMB Listings, be aware of what keywords are trending with customers at any given time.

Researching these trends will help ensure relevance when attracting new customers who may not know about your company’s offerings just yet but do want them.

Google My Business optimization is an important aspect of marketing for any company that wants to increase conversions and gain more leads.

Google will give top ranking to those businesses which have a Google My Business page with optimized content.

Create a GMB business name incorporating with it your chosen keywords

A GMB business name that incorporates keywords can be the key to success for any company looking to market itself online.

With so many other businesses competing on Google these days, it’s vital that your site appears at the top of their results pages- but this can be a tall order if you are not taking advantage of what keywords people look up when they search by location or type of product and service.

A good way to ensure that your website gets discovered more often in organic searches (especially keyword-related) is with SEO optimization techniques like using chosen keywords for your business category.

Putting the category and separating it with a vertical bar “|” after the brand name, for example, Pinghut | Uptime Monitoring Services.

This allows Google to easily see what your business is all about and rank you accordingly, which could mean the difference between being buried on Google’s search results pages or seeing a significant boost in traffic.

If Google can easily understand what your GMB website is about when people are searching for a nearby company that offers services like yours, it will be more likely to be listed on top.

Some best practices for optimizing your GMB listing 

Complete the important details of your GMB profile

Take the time to fill out all of your GMB profile information for a better website presence. The more complete you make it, the more people will be able to find and get in contact with you.

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile has a lot of different pieces, but make sure not an essential one: complete all contact details by filling out as much relevant data as possible – including features such as phone number, address, map location with driving directions where applicable. You can also link up to social media accounts or include photos; edit them using professional editing software if necessary until they’re ready for prime time and then publish everything together onto your site.

Link the appointment page to your website

The appointment page is a clever way of connecting customers to your website. It also has the potential for higher rates because it provides an easy, direct link from one platform to another.

Link your appointment page to your website and make sure it’s always up-to-date. Always know when the next available spot is going to be.

Encourage customers to give you reviews

To help your business stand out from the rest, ask customers to leave reviews on Google using their My Business Profile. It’s easy for them and provides an opportunity that most people miss.

Respond to customer reviews incorporating on your responses your primary keywords

Responding to reviews on your Google My Business profile is an important task.

Responding to customer reviews has always been something businesses struggle with but now there is hope thanks to Respond effectively by incorporating your business’ primary keywords in your responses.

The importance of a well-designed, informative website that links back to the GMB page

In today’s world, the internet is a crucial tool in any company’s marketing strategy.

With so many websites out there competing for attention from potential customers and clients, it can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd.

One way that companies are able to grab their audience’s interest is through website design: designing an aesthetically pleasing site with useful information on display will help your brand set itself apart from others.

Linking back to the Google My Business page also helps businesses attract more visitors as they have access not only to what you offer but where you’re located.

Google My Business Optimization is the best way to increase your search engine rankings in Google.

If you want more traffic from people looking for your business, GMB has a lot of potential.

Keyword research and using them in your listing will help with getting a higher ranking on google maps listings pages which can lead to increased sales.

The name that you choose for your GMB page should be cleverly thought out so it incorporates keywords into it such as “Zap’s House Painting.” 

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