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Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that can be used for building your business online. It has key features such as lead management, sales funnels and campaigns, automated email/SMS marketing, calendar integration, and affiliate management which makes it a great tool for any entrepreneur who wants to save time on managing their business and focus more on automation.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use Kartra’s features to grow your business online.

Key Features

Kartra is a cloud-based platform that offers features that help you with your marketing efforts and business automation.

Users experience plenty of benefits to optimizing and improve their presence online.

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Lead Management

Kartra has a lead management feature where you can import contacts, export leads, or add new ones.

You can access the list by clicking on Lead List in your portal and then filter them based on criteria such as name, email address, phone number, and type of subscriber (e.g., contact-lead).

The Kartra lead list feature also includes a really handy option for viewing and assigning leads.

To assign leads, you simply click on the desired contact from your Leads and then choose one or more subscribers to whom you want to assign those contacts (e.g., Sales Leads).

If there are any unassigned.

You can also view additional information about each of your subscribers like the products they’ve bought from you, their value in your business which will help you automate suggested products for them.

You can check your subscribers’ value and the customer’s total purchase history, along with the highest-valued items.

These insights from Kartra will jumpstart your email marketing campaigns and make it easy for you to identify what your customers want.

Sales Funnels and Campaigns

With Kartra, you can build the perfect sales funnel and marketing campaign.

In fact, you can create advanced ones through its built-in pillars of a funnel.

These are pages, opt-in forms, checkout, mailing, lead tagging, memberships, creating an all-in-one tool for your business demands.

Its sales funnel is composed of the following:

  • Pages
  • The sequence builder
  • IFs and THENs automations
  • Emails
  • Lead tagging
  • Plug-and-play campaigns

The template built by expert marketers saves time than having to do it yourself and might not be as effective as the ones made by an expert.

Kartra pages are too easy to use, and they allow for customization. You can add text content or videos on any page of the funnel with just a few clicks.

The pages come in two types: static (HTML) and dynamic (JavaScript). Pages also provide an ability.

Using these pillars in your next campaign will surely help you increase your ROI and reach your goals.

Automated email/ SMS Marketing

Kartra allows you to automate your messages to each customer, tailoring them to his/her specific needs.

This can be done through email or text.

Businesses who are subscribed to Kartra can leverage the email marketing tool as they can include advanced sequences for your email like one time should it be sent out.

The key to email marketing is the timing of your emails.

You can set a specific day and time for when the particular message should be sent out to your customers.

This feature is also available on SMS where it will automatically send an automated text at a predetermined date and time.

This tool is a sequence builder of Kartra.

Imagine not having to worry about when you are going to send your subscribers manually within unfixed schedules because Kartra has it for you!

Calendar Integration

Kartra Calendars is a great calendar integration tool. You can schedule out campaigns and events without having to worry about the time, date, or even day of the week.

This makes it easy for you to keep track of all your business marketing efforts in one place.

Kartra offers wholesale pricing for businesses with high-volume mailing lists that need basic templates for email marketing.

If you are working as a team, each of your teammates can have access to the calendar.

Anyone can plot his/her schedule accordingly without having to know what the other members are doing.

You can book appointments right away.

As in every change you can view it on its dashboard.

Karta can also customize your calendar with your preferred theme.

If you are managing websites in different locations and the time difference is significant, then Kartra’s Dynamic Zone Conversion tool will be a great change in your business.

The time reflected on your screen is the actual time of the country you are checking.

Kartra is a Mobile-Friendly App

All you need to do is download it on your phone and create an account for the Kartra affiliate setup with us.

This way, it will automatically sync its data with all other devices that have the application installed.

You can also use Kartra through PC or laptop or even on mobiles.

Affiliate Management

By using Kartra tools, you can get an overview of the list of your affiliates. It is a simple tool with a jam-packed platform.

  • Flexible commissions
  • Payment milestones
  • Review and approve affiliates
  • Paypal Adaptive Payments
  • Joint venture brokers
  • Custom landing pages for your affiliates
  • Subscribe and tag your affiliates
  • Custom affiliate portals
  • Multiple commission tiers

Kartra helps you in managing your affiliates and also offers an excellent commission scheme and payment methods, which are easy to use.

By having all these, users need not think about these other tasks but focus more on how to be consistent in taking good care of their existing affiliates and acquiring new ones.

Final thoughts

Kartra is a marketing automation platform that has helped many companies take their sales to the next level.

The features offered by this software allow you to automate email and SMS campaigns, create lead management teams, manage your calendar for events or appointments with customers in real-time, and much more.

The small things may not seem like much on their own but when taken together they give business owners so much control over how they run their company as well as what it offers its customers.

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