Kartra Review: All-in-One Sales Funnel Builder

Kartra Review

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Kartra is an all-in-one sales funnel builder that will help you create and manage your sales funnels on autopilot.

Kartra has a drag and drop interface, so it’s easy to use even if you are not super tech savvy.

Kartra has many different templates for creating the perfect sales funnels for your business needs.

Kartra also integrates with most of the popular email marketing providers like Mailchimp, Aweber and Constant Contact among others. This review will cover what Kartra offers and if it’s worth purchasing or not!

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform for digital businesses which uses automation in all its processes. 

Kartra helps you create and manage your sales funnels on autopilot. It allows business owners to access the layout features of their website without the need for them to be tech savvy.

This platform allows better monitoring of the sales aspect of your business, as it is easy to create a sales funnel with it and follow up leads, sending them messages, follow up and recommend products automatically.

Kartra has been used by many online business owners for years now. 

Kartra offers easy features to streamline the sales stages for easier understanding. 

Karta integrates all your marketing tools in one platform to make it easier for you to manage all aspects of your business.

It is easy-to-use so that any person can learn how to use it in minutes or less.

Kartra prides itself as an easy to use platform and doesn’t take much time at all to get started.

Who uses Kartra?

Kantra users range from individual professions who are into building their website and generating sales of their products to enterprises with over a hundred employees.

Kartra can be used by any type of small businesses such as consultants, freelancers, online shops, and other service providers. 

Kantra’s main features are its landing page builder and marketing automation which businesses in these industries find useful:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Professional Coaching
  • E-Learning
  • Information Technology
  • Design
  • Photography

Kartra is a great platform for those that want to have more control over their marketing ads and the landing pages they are promoting, without having to hire an expensive team of developers or designers.

Kantra covers all aspects of your business such as social media management, email marketing and conversion rates with its powerful suite of tools.

Kartra is a useful tool for small businesses looking to get into the digital world of marketing, without having to invest in expensive software and design.

Pros and Cons of using Kartra 

Kartra is a great way to manage your business.

It’s possible that you could see more customers and boost sales by using this tool. 

Kartra has many features to help grow your business.

Kartra also is great for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own products and services, or even want to expand an existing product line into new markets. 

Despite its amazing features, Kartra still has a lot of room for improvement. 


Easy to set up all-in-one platform

Kartra is extremely easy to set up your entire business and starting list and nurture your leads. 

They have everything from websites, landing pages, email marketing/automation with sequences and tagging, funnels, simple e-commerce, digital downloads and membership sites. It is indeed an all-in-one marketing platform for all you need in your online business.

Great graphics and video trainings

Kartra has some great graphics and video training to help you manage your Kartra account and use the features available.

There are some templates to choose from when building a funnel and webinar sessions were helpful.

Excellent customer support

Kartra has excellent customer support.

They are very quick to respond when contacted and they have a team of friendly, knowledgeable representatives ready to answer your questions or help with any issues you might have at the time.

Advanced feature and real-time actionable reports

Kartra has many advanced features and real-time actionable reports that help you analyze your campaigns, sales funnels, customers and more.

There are also Kartra bots to automate tasks for you in Kartra so it is easier than ever before to build a successful business without the need of hiring expensive staff or building high-priced software.

Dragging and dropping elements 

To come up with the desired design that you have in mind, Kartra has drag and drag design for your website’s landing page.

Payment gateways integration

Kartra integrates with a variety of payment gateways, which is an important feature for e-commerce businesses.


It takes time to learn the features especially during the beginning stage.

Price is quite expensive

The interface may need to be improved in order for the system to cater more towards beginners.

Is the cost worth the functionality of building your own custom sales funnel?


Kartra integrates a lot of features that if bought one by one can be really costly. Kartra provides you with the tools to build your own custom sales funnel and Kartra has a lot of features that may be considered as an “all-in-one” package.

Hiring a team dedicated to resolving issues and tasks that Kartra can be done requires a lot of money when outsourced.

On top of that, it is difficult to integrate all aspects of your business into one given some of these outsourced services are stand alone. 

Additionally, it is difficult to monitor everything when you are busy with other issues or concerns as well.

Kartra allows businesses to integrate, automate and monitor what is going on in their business in one platform. 

Kartra is a way to go if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that offers flexibility and ease of use while still being able to customize your very own sales funnel experience.

Final thoughts

Kartra is an all-in-one sales funnel builder that has a wide variety of features.

It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who want to build their own custom sales funnels, but it can be expensive and difficult to use if you’re not tech savvy.

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