Local SEO: Why It’s Important to Pin Your Business on Google My Business

Local SEO

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If you have a local business and want to rank better on google, it is important that you optimize your local SEO.

One way to do this is by pinning your local business on Google Maps – because the more places that list you, the higher chance of ranking in local searches! 

In this article, we will discuss how to improve your local SEO, why it’s important for new businesses to pin their business on Google Maps as well as our top tips for succeeding with local search engine optimization.

What is local SEO optimization and why is it important

Local SEO optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in applicable local search engine results.

This is important because it will be easier for potential customers who live in your geographic location or come from a similar demographic as you, like people with dogs that are looking for dog groomers near them – which would likely include many prospects within driving distance and some global ones, too.

The importance of local SEO optimization is that it helps you rank in the top search engine results pages when people are looking for businesses near them.

Local SEO takes into account not just your domain name and meta description, but also all other properties like Google My Business, reviews on social media sites such as Yelp or Facebook Places.

For instance, if a user searches “restaurants” from Seattle then they will most likely see higher ranking restaurants closer to their current location first which includes listings with things like phone numbers (mobile friendly), address information including hours open/closed time zones; review ratings, etc., this can help make any decision easier by finding what best suits the needs at hand.

Why you should pin your business on GMB

The benefits of having a pinned business page are huge and the best part is that it’s free.

Your company will be able to reach more people and get new customers in just one swipe because it is always at their fingertips!

You can grow an audience for your brand with minimal effort by posting content that reaches people who don’t know about or have forgotten about you yet.

With a quick post to pinned posts from either desktop computer or mobile device, anyone in any location around the world will be able to find out more information on what makes up your company and why they should consider doing business with yours instead of someone else’s.

Pinning your business on Go will make it more accessible for potential customers.

You can use the app to take a look at what businesses are nearby and also save time by using their filter feature, which is perfect if you’re just looking for pizza places in Chicago.

How to get started with a new account on GMB

Google My Business is an important tool for businesses to get their products or services in front of consumers.

The first step towards utilizing this platform is setting up your account.

Google My Business offers a free way to promote and advertise your business on the internet, even if you have no other marketing strategies in place!

Setting up an account with Google takes only 30 seconds.

You can check out our article about Why Google My Business is Important: The Future of Digital Marketing which has a step-by-step guide in setting up your GMB account.

The benefits of having an active pinned business page on GMB

Businesses who are active on their Google My Business page enjoy increased visibility and higher rankings in local search engine results.

  1. You can manage your presence on search and map listings.
  2. Your business will make it easier for potential customers to find you online than another local competitor with a less active Google My Business page. 
  3. Google My Business pages are the best way to connect with people who want exclusive offers, promotions, contests, or new product updates (especially if they live in an area where there is no brick & mortar store).
  4. Reach Customers Nearby Your Location (And Beyond!)

If people are nearby, chances are good that their search is too. Offer them tailored information so they feel like part of the community before stepping inside through features like directions from home as well as notifications relevant only in proximity.

You’re ready to take the next step with your business.

With Google My Business, you can give customers an accurate picture of what they’ll find when they visit your physical location and stay up-to-date on all things happening there – whether it’s a sale or a new menu item!

You don’t have to be shy about promoting this essential tool for success because we’ve got five benefits that will help those numbers grow even further.

Strategies for getting your content seen by more people 

Be a “Top Contributor” On Google My Business

One way to be seen by more people is to become one of the top contributors on your business page, which requires that you make regular posts and clicks on content from other businesses in order for them to see yours when they log into their GMB account. This can help promote both yourself as well as others!

Add Videos To Your Page

You might also want to consider adding videos or pictures with captions about specific events happening at your place of business so viewers know what’s going on there right now – maybe inviting a popular blogger who just visited before an event starts? Or highlighting items featured in red carpet fashion magazines being sold exclusively at your store?

Add images of popular products or services you offer for customers to “like” or pin them onto the wall.

Upload photos from company events (birthday parties, charity initiatives)

Show what kind of people work here and how they have fun together outside of working hours too! This is such an easy way to connect employees – especially new hires – as well as clients through shared interests. You can also use these posts strategically when launching a product line; be sure to post about it at least twice before release day so all potential buyers know what to expect.

Use your keywords as often as possible in both text descriptions and images/videos

This helps search engines index their content more effectively which means more customers finding what they’re looking for at an earlier stage in their browsing process. Localizing your content by using local keywords, citations, optimizing landing page copy for local searchers, and more.

Build connections by adding other business pages

Adding business pages from similar industries under “friends” so those companies can see when new posts are published (and vice versa) – helps local businesses grow their social media reach and customer base.

Remember to pin your business on GMB!

It’s a simple process, but it can be the difference between being found in local search and not.

Use these tips to make sure you set yourself up for success with this type of SEO optimization from day one.

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