Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Tool Review

Pinghut Review

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Pinghut is a monitoring tool for websites to help ensure that websites are always available online and are 100% reachability all the time.

Pinghut monitors the uptime of your website taking a look at whether or not your site is online, then it notifies if there’s anything wrong with your website such as outage or network problem.

The Pinghut’s teams have been building sophisticated Software-as-a-Service products since 2015, helping businesses stay online 24/7.

Moreover, Pinghut is a monitoring tool that provides affordable pricing for full features.

Pinghut has been designed to be simple and easy-to-use, which is perfect for users who are new to the world of site monitoring.

Pinghut monitors uptime and downtime, as well as providing alerts when it detects an issue.

Pinghut includes a detailed dashboard with charts that allow you to quickly assess your site’s performance over time. In this blog post, we will look into each detail Pinghut’s uptime monitoring tools and features to help you have a guided decision when subscribing in it.

Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Tools

Pinghut monitors your website uptime and performance.

The Pinghut application will periodically query the hostname of the site to see if it’s up or down, as well as provide you with graphs for information regarding how many times they checked in during specific time frames.

It also provides tools like alerting services so you know when there are outages before customers notice.

Pinghut uptime monitoring service is affordable and very easy to use. Pinghut also provides the ability of tracking your website for slow pages because of its Page Speed Monitoring feature.

Pinghut SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring monitors your certificates and lets you know when it’s time to renew, so that you never miss an expiration date and renew them before it’s too late to do anything. SSL certificates are important for businesses to maintain customer trust.

API Monitoring is a Pinghut feature that monitors API requests and replies. Pinghut will notify if there are any exceptions or errors in the data being transmitted between your servers that affect the user’s experience with your site.

Uptime Monitoring tools is the core product of Pinghut. It monitors the uptime of your website and sends you notifications when a downtime event occurs. It provides up-to-date statistics on your internet connection, so you know when there may be an issue with the service.

Pinghut’s Pricing

Pinghut’s monitoring tools and features is one of the most affordable plans in the market.

Pinghut offers a variety of pricing options for their products. Its features are available in different plans and features.

Pinghut has a Free subscription that comes along with a limited access to its main features.

The company’s uptime monitoring tool starts at $4.90 for the Essential plan.

For some companies their basic plan ranges from $7 to $10 per month.

Pinghut also offers a plan that ranges from $25 to $30 per month. Pinghut’s top-tier plan is only $89 per month but it comes with full features that allows you to monitor 1000 websites.

This type of plan is beneficial for enterprises in monitoring their sites that receive thousands of traffic each day.

Pinghut offers a free trial version that is no obligation, which allows users to choose the perfect monitoring package.

Product Features

To give you an overview of Pinghut’s functionality, here is the list of features that you can access in just a few dollars:

  • Monitors

By using the monitor you can keep track of your website, online-store, API, server, SSL certificate or any other digital endpoint. There are different settings where you can check in on the uptime for your service.

  • Heartbeats

Keep tabs on your cron jobs and tasks.

  • Status Pages

Status pages act as a way of showing the performance and uptime of your monitors. With Pinghut, you can share this with customers or partners.

  • Project

A project can be seen as a folder, storing monitors, heartbeats and status pages in a structured manner.

  • Custom Domain

For many companies, it’s important that their site or service is up-to-date. Pinghut offers an uptime monitoring tool which helps to ensure that things are running smoothly on your end–especially if you have a custom domain and website.

  • Days Data Retention

Pinghut has a long retention period. Meaning that users are allowed to see up to one point’s worth of data before the most recent data is overwritten.

  • SSL Monitoring

SSL Monitoring is a website analysis tool that detects security risks including if SSL certificates are active, current and those which are near its expiration dates.

  • Additional Domains

The program also includes a domain manager that allows the user to add multiple domains.

  • Analytics included

Webmasters can use Pinghut to monitor the uptime of their websites, servers, or API.

  • Password Protection

Hiding your status pages with a password makes them secure so only people who understand the data can access it.

  • Removable Branding

Removes the Pinghut branding from your status pages.

  • Custom URL

You can edit the URL according to your preference whenever you need to.

  • Block Search Engine Indexing

Your site’s status during downtime will not be indexed by Google or any other search engine.

  • Custom CSS Style

Make your website consistent by adopting the same style throughout it in order to give off a more cohesive feel. This feature is only available in standard and premium plans.

  • Email Reports

Pinghut’s email reports reach those that have monitored a service or network.

  • Email Notifications

Track your site’s uptime and receive real time status updates of your site through email notifications. You can take advantage of this feature starting with Pinghut’s basic plan.

  • API Access

API access which grants you more control of how our service is used.

The company’s API access is only available in its premium plan and inaccessible in Pinghut’s basic and standard plans.

Given its affordable plans and features, Pinghut is an excellent uptime monitoring tool for freelancers, small business owners, and also for large enterprises.

Getting started with Pinghut

The simplicity of setting up Pinghut is remarkable, as well as features such as its simple interface and ability to easily find components specific to my site.

The Pinghut website prompts you to enter a URL for analysis when logging in and contains boxes that ask for your name, time zone and country. 

Pinghut’s power-packed features: uptime monitoring, page speed monitoring, SSL expiration monitoring, and API monitoring offer a whole package of protection for your businesses online.

Its monitoring tools for uptime ensures server and website monitoring that are up to date, removes time wasted on cron jobs while being able to share your status pages with your customers with your customers for marketing agencies which help you run your business with peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Pinghut is a tool that will help keep your website up and running.

It provides monitoring, alerts, and reporting for both uptime and downtime to ensure you stay online at all times.

With an affordable pricing plan available starting as low as $4.90/month per instance, Pinghut can be easily integrated into any budget.

You can start using the service in just minutes with their simple installation process.

Have you tried out Pinghut?

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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