The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Era

Word of mouth marketing
Find out what word of mouth marketing is today, why it's so powerful, and how we use digital technology to make our word-of-mouth efforts more successful.

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Word of mouth marketing has always been an effective way to generate leads and revenue for any business.

The digital era, however, has made word of mouth more powerful than ever before.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, people are constantly talking about the latest products they love or services that have provided them with value.

In this article, we’ll discuss how digital technology is making word-of-mouth marketing even more successful than it was in the past!

How word of mouth marketing has evolved

Word of mouth marketing is when people talk about products or services that are good.

It has evolved throughout history because now there are more ways for word-of-mouth marketing such as YouTube channels where YouTubers can promote their videos on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

New technology has given rise to a whole new way of advertising.

Word-of-mouth marketing is that great unknown, and everyone wants in on it!

It was once an old-fashioned form of word promoting your business; now you can promote yourself with such ease through social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter as well as blogs.

This kind of promotion really benefits small businesses because they are able to reach out past their circle without spending money on expensive commercials but rather just spreading the word among friends who will do all the work for them at no cost.

Why is word-of-mouth marketing so powerful?

Word of mouth has been around for centuries.

After all, it was the first form of marketing! It is so powerful because trust and credibility are integral components in our social lives.

We rely on word-of-mouth to tell us which movie we should go see or where a new restaurant opened up near work; without that noise, there would be nothing but static (or ads).

In this day and age when people’s attention spans have shortened tremendously due to technology saturation, consumers also want genuine recommendations from friends who they know will give them an honest opinion about products instead of reading through fancy paid advertisements with flashy images from brands that don’t really care.

Word-of-mouth advertising has been used for centuries to sell everything from soap to cars and stocks.

This type of advertisement’s success can be attributed to its personal nature: word travels quickly because there are no barriers between consumers and marketers with this form of promotion; it relies heavily on personable interactions that may not happen via traditional (or paid) media channels like TV ads, billboards, print publications or radio spots.

The three pillars of successful word-of-mouth marketing in the digital era

In the digital era, successful word-of-mouth marketing is built on three pillars: authenticity-driven content, real customer testimonials, and video advertising, and community.

Authenticity-driven content

Businesses are now able to communicate directly with their customers which makes it critical for them to create value through quality content that meets a consumer’s expectation when they come across news about your company or product online by following you on these sites or liking what you have posted there before. 

In order to be a compelling brand that people want to share with their friends or followers, it’s important for companies’ social media strategies to create authentic posts from customers who have experienced your product firsthand and are honestly expressing how they feel about it.

Customer Testimonials and Video Advertising

You can use videos as an additional way of telling prospective buyers what makes your company so great!

We need some quality imagery featuring happy employees interacting with satisfied clients because nothing speaks better than human faces conveying true joy at witnessing firsthand someone else enjoy something created by themselves.


Creating memorable experiences will help companies build loyalty from their existing customer base while also acquiring new ones who want to be part of this group too because nobody wants boring conversations anymore!

A few ways digital trends can be used to create a community of like-minded people are by having an interactive company blog, hosting contests and sweepstakes, or awarding points for uploading images.

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Tips for getting started with word-of-mouth marketing today

Tips for getting started with word-of-mouth marketing today

There is no better way to get started in business than word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s an inexpensive, effective strategy that can have a profound impact on your bottom line.

There are many ways of using this type of marketing and it does not require any major investment or expertise (although there are some things you should avoid).

Here we will cover the most basic tips for getting started with Word Of Mouth Marketing today: 

Make sure you offer good customer service

One bad experience could spread like wildfire around town!

Be friendly but professional when dealing with customers so they feel valued and appreciated even if their needs aren’t fulfilled 100%.

You’ll find them telling all their friends about how great your company was to work with anyway.

Find people who relate to what your business is offering and share it with them

This is a great idea if you want to be successful.

Find people who are like-minded or have the same interests as yours and share your business with them by posting it on social media channels, emailing friends in common, etc.

Create an environment where customers can comfortably talk about their experience

Genuine reviews and word-of-mouth marketing go hand in hand.

It’s the customer perspective that really makes or breaks a company, so it pays to provide your customers with an environment where they can comfortably talk about their experience for greater exposure on social media sites like Yelp!

To create this atmosphere of success and authenticity, start by listening closely to what each individual has to say; be welcoming enough to make them feel comfortable opening up without any reservations whatsoever.

Ask for feedback from those satisfied customers

Ask for feedback from satisfied customers to get the word out about your great product.

Word of mouth marketing is one way you can grow your business and provide a service that people appreciate.

Offer incentives once they’ve referred friends

Offering incentives is a great way to get people talking about your company.

Once you have referred friends, we’ll offer an incentive in return for their word-of-mouth marketing efforts too!

Offer them something tangible and they will happily share the details with others.

In the digital age, word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful than ever.

It’s not enough to simply have a good product and hope that people will buy it—you need an audience of engaged customers who are talking about it.

The three pillars for successful word-of-mouth marketing in the digital era include having a great product, creating high-quality content that your market wants to talk about, and building relationships with influencers (people like bloggers or journalists).

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