Top Social Media Platforms: Youtube and Facebook (2021)

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It is essential to know social media platforms and the type of audience they attract in order to leverage social media marketing for your business.

The social media platforms that we will review are the most popular Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn.

This blog post will discuss these social media platforms and their target audience so that you can get a better idea of how best to use them in your marketing strategy.


In the world of social media, Facebook is king.

The most popular and widely used site on the Internet with over 2.7 billion users as of this year according to a report.

Facebook not only makes communication easier but more personal than ever before by connecting people across cultures and continents that would otherwise never meet.

Facebook has grown into arguably the world’s largest online platform since its launch in 2004 by connecting friends from around the globe through status updates, shared photos, and videos about life events such as births or weddings that happen across oceans but feel like just down your street thanks to this app where you can connect virtually anyone anywhere anytime.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a social media platform that allows advertisers to post advertisements on Facebook for a certain fee.

With the ability to target ads based on demographics, interests, and behaviors of people who are likely your customers, you can get more bang from every advertising buck.

This social media giant averages over a billion users each day which makes it so unique because there is no other social media platform that can provide the amount of exposure you get from Facebook if you are a business owner.

Facebook ads, a form of advertising found on social media platforms, have become popular for companies because they offer low-cost and often highly targeted options to advertise products.

The first step is creating the ad–the company must decide which type should be used: an “image” or carousel ad; video ads (which may include sound); regular text-only posts that can also include pictures from other sites like Instagram in their captions.

There are many types of Facebook Ads available today.

It’s important to understand how each one functions before using them as it could make all the difference when deciding whether you want your product highlighted with images only or if adding videos might entice more interest.

Once this decision has been made, it’s time to decide which social media platform is the best match for your product.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

The benefits of Facebook Ads are endless.

They provide an opportunity to reach your customers with the most relevant ads possible and show them products that they may be interested in, such as clothing from famous designers or tech gadgets for their homes.

With these features at hand, you can never go wrong when using social media advertising.

With Facebook Ad, you can get the most out of your budget by targeting specific types of people who could potentially be interested in what you have to offer them.

It is a great way to target those that would otherwise not know about or hear from your business without doing any work on your end.

Some of its benefits include inexpensive access, attention-grabbing headlines, a variety of targeting options, as well as slicing and dicing your audience by demographics or interests such as “cats” which could make it easier to reach customers who might not be looking at traditional advertising channels like TV commercials.


It is been a little over ten years since Google bought YouTube and it has exploded in popularity, now being one of the top social media platforms.

YouTube is no longer just for music videos or cute kittens.

You can find almost anything on there these days from tutorials to your favorite TV show episodes that aired last night (or even 10-years ago).

The internet may have grown up but we still need somewhere to watch our latest viral video!

Just a few years ago, YouTube allowed users to share their lives with the world.

The site contains a plethora of videos and movies, both past and present, making it possible for people from all over the globe to explore different cultures.

Youtube Advertising through Google Ads

Youtube is a great place for advertisers to promote their products or service. It has over 720,000 hours of content uploaded every day, which makes it the perfect social media platform to reach your target audience and get them hooked on what you have in store through video content!

Youtube is not just an outlet where people upload videos they find entertaining.

This website offers some excellent advertising opportunities that can be incredibly cost-effective when compared with other platforms like television commercials.

With access to Youtube’s famous “targeted ads,” businesses are able to pinpoint exactly who will see their ad based on age group, location, interests (i.e., music), etc. before placing an order so there’s no waste involved.

Benefits of Using Youtube Advertising

Youtube advertising is a great option for marketers looking to target niche audiences at an affordable cost.

Youtube has 2 billion active users, meaning that there are plenty of people you can reach with your ad campaign.

The ability for companies to advertise their product or service in 5-second clips before each video starts makes this online advertising very appealing.

It also allows viewers more control with how they want ads displayed because when people search “Dove soap” most likely it will show up near the top due to them being one of the largest beauty brands that regularly advertise on Youtube but other smaller businesses might not be so lucky to get this much-coveted slot.

Final thoughts

We’ve talked about some of the ways you can use YouTube and Facebook to your advantage in your marketing efforts.

The more customers see ads for what they want from you, the better chance you have at making them happy with their purchase decision!

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