Why Businesses Are Embracing Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is the future of marketing.

Businesses are embracing marketing automation because it provides a more personalized marketing experience for customers.

Marketing Automation software allows you to create automated campaigns that trigger when certain events happen, like an email campaign triggered by someone subscribing to your blog or webinar series.

These marketing tools allow marketers to focus on what they do best- creating content and building relationships with their customers instead of spending time sending out emails or manually updating social media posts.

With marketing automation, businesses can generate more revenue and increase their customer lifetime value!

In this blog, we will discuss what marketing automation is and why businesses are using it to generate great results.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a marketing strategy that helps businesses take control of their digital strategies.

It helps marketers to automate the process of acquiring leads, converting prospects into customers, and analyzing their marketing.

Marketing automation uses computerized systems like CRMs (customer relationship management) and CMSs (content management system), databases, etc., which are often called Marketing Technology Platforms these days.

All are designed specifically for marketers with different capabilities depending upon their needs- from simply managing contact lists through social media campaigns monitoring analytics data.

Marketing automation can be used in many ways, including creating email campaigns to promote and sell products or services on the internet.

These automated emails also help build brand recognition by sharing information about what your company offers with potential customers who may not have been aware of it before now.

Marketers can use this tool for generating sales-ready leads at scale with personalized messages on social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn.

It also allows them to monitor customer behavior through analytics tools such as Google Analytics which lets you track who visits your website by showing what they clicked on while there.

Why are businesses using it?

Marketing automation offers many advantages for businesses that want to improve their customer base without sacrificing time or money. 

Automation helps companies grow by reaching new potential buyers and managing all aspects from anywhere they are at this moment through mobile devices.

It provides them insights into how to best engage with current customers so they stay satisfied while simultaneously making room for other fans who have yet to be reached out to – something no human being could possibly do alone.

5 Benefits of marketing automation

There are many benefits to using marketing automation but there are major points to using marketing automation:

1) Gives businesses more time

 It gives businesses more time by automating tasks traditionally done manually. 

Marketing automation frees up marketing managers to focus on other marketing efforts and not the time-consuming tasks.

2) Better customer experience

The customer experience improves as marketing teams can work holistically on each prospect or client together rather than individually. 

Many companies have automated their emails so that they can be personalized in order to make the customers feel more special and valued by purchasing from them.

Live chat which lines up with the customers’ needs and desires will allow them to be more satisfied than if they were ignored or their questions went unanswered.

3) Data-driven decisions

Marketing decisions become data-driven and based on actual metrics instead of subjective opinions from management because everything is tracked.

4) Saves time and money

It saves time and money by allowing the company’s social media coordinator or marketer more time on other important tasks such as coming up with new content ideas for their blog posts that will keep their followers engaged. 

5) Targets a wider audience

Another benefit is having a better chance of reaching your target audience because they have access to tools like email newsletters which can be sent out automatically when someone signs up via an online form submission. 

How to choose the best marketing automation tools?

Marketing is crucial in any industry and can make an enormous difference when done correctly.

Marketing Automation Tools provide all sorts of solutions that simplify many aspects of digital marketing such as lead generation, email campaigns, customer profiling, etc.

By keeping track of what kind of visitors come into your website or blog and then automatically generating more relevant content based on their preferences so they get excited about coming back again sometime soon.

They also have features like A/B testing which allows companies to test different types of messages with various audiences at once before deciding which message works better than others depending on responses from people who received it.

8 Questions you should ask before selecting a marketing automation tool 

1) What is your marketing goal?

2) What kind of data do I need to collect from my website and social media channels? 

3) Do the features align with what I want for this project? (e.g., will it allow me to create email campaigns?) 

4) How much flexibility is there in setting up forms, surveys, polls, or other elements on your site’s dashboard that process customer information as well as feedback through emails, text messages, and phone calls?

5) How many emails do you send per day/weekend/month? 

6) What are the specifications on my website and CMS system (e.g., Mailchimp, Drip)? 

7) Does this platform have a CRM integration for tracking offline lead generations activities with Google Analytics?

8) Is there training available so I can set up campaigns without having to hire an expert consultant in advance of getting started using it myself?

These are just a few important questions you should ask before you invest in a marketing automation tool.

These questions cover the ease of use, analytics, and reporting, support, limitations, integration, and scalability.

These are the marketing automation tools that you can check out:

  • HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • Moosend
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy way to streamline your marketing efforts, it’s time to consider marketing automation software.

Marketing automation can help you automate tasks and free up valuable time so that you don’t have to spend time on repetitive or manual tasks like sending out newsletters, following up with prospects about their inquiries, and more.

But how do you know which one is the right fit? 

YounikSquare has put together this guide when considering a new marketing automation tool for your business as well as some helpful recommendations for small startups all the way through enterprise-level solutions.

We hope these tips will help make your decision easier.

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