Why Google My Business is Important: The Future of Digital Marketing

Google My Business

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Google My Business is a free and easy way to manage your business information on Google.

GMB’s main goal is to help customers find you, whether they’re looking for an address of where to buy your product or service, call you with questions about how it works, or schedule their appointment in the future.

GMB helps small businesses be found by new customers who are using Google Search, Maps, and more!

GMB is an important tool for local businesses.

GMB helps you control your search results, create a Google+ page to better connect with customers, and even gives you the ability to manage your own listing on Google Maps!

GMB is more than just another social media platform – it’s your business’ online identity. 

This blog post will explore why GMB is important as well as some tips for managing your GMB page so that you can see even better results!

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service for business owners to claim their Google listing and connect with customers.

Google My Business is a way for businesses to manage and optimize their online presence by providing customer reviews, contact information, social media links on the internet.

It’s part of Google’s suite of services that help businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

It allows businesses to manage their listings, respond and review customer feedback, track leads from ads or other sources like SEO campaigns.

Why you should have a Google My Business account

With Google My Business, you can take advantage of a number of features that will help your business thrive.

You’ll be able to list contact information and hours so potential customers know where to find you!

There are also tools for adding images or videos as well as customer reviews from the people who have been there before them. This way, they get an idea of what it’s like inside without having to step in themselves.

There are some good points though- people can find your business when they search for whatever services you offer and the account has all sorts of cool features like an address book where customers can add themselves so that next time someone in their group needs something done, they’ll be able to recommend your service.

And customer reviews: these things make such a difference with acquiring new clients.

How to set up your GMB free account

GMB is a great way for people who are interested in your business, products, or services can find and connect with you online (and offline).

Setting up your free GMB account is easy and quick. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to Google My Business website, on the top right corner of the page click “page” then create a profile for yourself or an organization you represent

2) Fill in all fields with appropriate details such as name, address, and phone number that will be seen by potential customers browsing through google maps listings

3) Click the save button at bottom of screen

4) Check back within 24 hours to verify your business has been added into Google Maps

5). Do not forget! If this step sounds intimidating there are plenty of other ways you can assure people find out about

Benefits of having a GMB profile

Have you ever noticed, when searching for a business on Google Maps or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sites like Yelp and Yahoo Local that some listings don’t show up?

That’s because they’ve neglected to register their businesses with the online search engine giant.

If your company is one of those companies still not listed in this directory then it’s time to get started.

A listing will increase traffic coming into your store as customers can easily find what hours you are open, where exactly you live by using maps from any internet connected device such as phone or computer.

It also gives potential clients an idea if there is parking near the place so people know ahead of time how much hassle it might be should they choose to visit and makes.

If you have a Google My Business profile, it will be easier for your customers to find and contact you.

You’ll also get the chance to show off all of your awesome customer reviews on one page.

Drawbacks of not using GMB 

GMBs are the best for establishing a business online.

They’re free to set up, easy to use and can be customized with your logo or photo of choice.

The drawbacks? You need good reviews in order to get people interested enough in visiting you site as well, so it’s worth investing some time into social media platforms like Yelp and Google+ where these reviewers hang out.

If you’re not using GMB, then your business might be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

You should use it to get more traffic and exposure for your company.

Some would say that one of the drawbacks to not using Google My Business is a lack of exposure.

Even if you have an amazing product or service, many people may never come across it because they are researching on other platforms like Yelp which does not index GMB listings as well and has less traffic than google search engine results pages (SERP).

On top of this, customers who use these review sites tend to be more demanding – so when there’s something wrong with their experience at your store/restaurant etc., feedback will be harsher given its public nature.

The future of digital marketing and why it’s important for businesses to be at the forefront and take advantage now

GMB, or Google My Business is the future of marketing.

At first glance it might seem like a less than ideal platform for marketers and business owners to be on because they are giving away their valuable data to Google but if you take into account that all social media sites today including Facebook have changed from being public forums about what people enjoyed in life as opposed to places where users can’t actually see posts unless someone shares with them then GMB becomes more attractive-especially since businesses clamoring for opportunities share this information freely in order make sales.

There is a huge opportunity in the frontiers of today’s tech. It’s important for businesses to be at the forefront and take advantage now, because by not doing so they will lose out on potential customers who do business with those that are more technologically inclined than them.

There are many benefits to having a Google My Business account, but the drawbacks of not using it can be even more detrimental. For example, if you want to rank at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) and have your business show up in local searches throughout various regions or cities, then GMB is an integral part for these purposes.

In addition, as we mentioned before, without GMB accounts businesses will miss out on potential customers who may never find their website because they’re looking for something near them instead. If that’s not enough incentive yet- there are so many other reasons why this service is essential!

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